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When it comes to the carbon market, quality can sometimes feel elusive. In this state, due diligence is critical, but truly understanding the integrity of any single project isn't easy. Join carbon market experts as they give you a head start in your journey to finding quality. Panelists will share what they’ve learned after analyzing over 500 projects and how to procure credits once you’ve found ones that meet your criteria.


  • The surprising project types with higher GHG integrity
  • How to consider beyond carbon benefits in a carbon credit purchase
  • What factors play a critical role in assessing GHG integrity
  • Due diligence best practices

Speaker Panel

alvin lim BW-1

Alvin Lim

Executive Director, Head of Asia Environmental Products at Morgan Stanley

Alvin Lim is Executive Director, Head of Asia Environmental Products at Morgan Stanley where he leads the development of Morgan Stanley’s environmental products franchise. He holds a Master of Science in Sustainability Management from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the National University of Singapore.

Anders Porsborg-Smith-1

Anders Porsborg-Smith

Managing Director and Partner at BCG

Anders Porsborg-Smith is part of the global leadership team of Boston Consulting Group's Energy practice. He heads the firm's global midstream, gas, and LNG business line and leads BCG's energy scenarios and environmental markets work. Anders focuses on strategic topics linked to the commercial practices of commodity industries.

Duncan van Bergen Calyx Global BW sml

Duncan van Bergen

Cofounder at Calyx Global

Duncan built and led a global nature-based carbon project investment and development business. Before his work in carbon markets, Duncan worked for two decades in energy doing business development, executive leadership, strategy and policy with McKinsey and others. He cares deeply about ecosystem preservation and aligning this with societal and economic development.